Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Provides cover for medical expenses in respect of insured members .covers range from corporate individuals, SME, Groups and international covers.

Benefits Under Medical Insurance

Inpatient Out Patient Dental
This is the primary cover that caters for medically necessary costs for hospital bed either Private or General net of NHIF, doctor’s bills, anesthetist’s bills, operating theatre fees, pharmacy, laboratory and investigations reasonably incurred by an insured member. This benefit caters for routine outpatient services such as consultation, diagnostic Laboratory and Radiology services, prescribed physiotherapy, prescribed drugs and dressings, Vaccines, Ambulance Services etc. The cover caters for expenses in relation to routine outpatient dental procedures, which include but not limited to: extraction, root canal, fillings, scaling necessitated by a medical condition.


Optical Maternity Last Expense
Optical benefit caters for expenses related to eye treatment, including but not limited to correction of refractive errors and cost of glasses and frames. The benefit takes care of pregnancy and confinement related expenses, Routine antenatal & post-natal care, Emergency C- section and complications related to the pregnancy. Examples include ectopic pregnancy, blighted ovum, threatened abortion/ miscarriage etc. This is the cover for last respect. It’s a monetary benefit which is given on lump sum to the family of the bereaved to cater for funeral expenses such as Hearse, coffin, post mortem and morgue charges.

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